El Verde Field Station, Puerto Rico. Home of the Leptolycini (Lycidae) and Cheguevaria (Lampyridae).

I am an entomologist and an evolutionary biologist and my research interests are centered in the evolution, systematics and taxonomy of Insecta, with emphasis in Coleoptera, mostly ‘cantharoids’ of the families Lycidae (net-winged beetles), Lampyridae (fireflies) and Omethidae, including Telegeusinae (false soldier-beetles and long lipped beetles). I am particularly interested in how paedomorphosis affects speciation, morphology and biology within these groups, and to investigate these phenomena I employ an integrative approach, utilizing morphology and molecular data.

I am currently a PhD candidate at Montana State University and my dissertation is focused on the taxonomy and systematics of Leptolycini, a group of paedomorphic beetles, and the taxonomic revision of Thonalmus Bourgeois (Lycidae), both groups endemic to the West Indies. Besides entomology, I am interested in history of entomology and zoology, problems and challenges of  using biodiversity information of natural history museums, and theory and practice of phylogenetics.

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