2nd International Symposium on the Elateroidea – October 9th, 2021

Program of the Elateroidea Symposium, 2021.
Over 60 people from all over the world, in many time zones, attended this year’s meeting, which was an absolute success!
Yun Hsiao on his presentation of the new Cantharidae chapter of the upcoming Australian Beetles book.
Hume Douglas presentation on his phylogenomics study of Elateridae!
André Roza presenting the latest updates on Phengodidae phylogeny.
My own presentation on paedomorphic Lycidae from the West Indies.
Robert Constantin on his presentation of the Maurice Pic collection in Paris.
Gabriel Biffi’s presentation on the taxonomy and systematics of the genus Pachymesia (Cantharidae).
Jesús A. Cruz-López presentation on click beetles associated with roselle crops in Mexico.
Professor Santiago Zaragoza Caballero talk on Photinus (Lampyridae).
Ana Walker’s presentation on fireflies at extinction risk.

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