France – Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris – November-December, 2021

Jardin des Plantes – many buildings linked to the Natural History Museum are either inside the park or surrounding it. Despite the cold weather, surprisingly, the park is quite busy all day.
The Lycidae collection in the MNHN. Myself for scale. Perhaps the most important Lycidae collection in the world, holding hundreds of types, many of which are hidden in the collection. The visit was focused on Lycidae, but also other beetle groups that displayed paedomorphic features.
A typical Maurice Pic drawer. Sometimes you will spend more time figuring out Pic’s handwriting than actually looking at the beetles!
A great opportunity to finish up some projects with Robert Constantin – squishy beetle legend and a connoisseur of the Elateroidea collection in the MNHN.
Lunch time was also the perfect time to visit the exhibits of the museum. A snapshot view of the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution.
Pleasant surprise to meet Coleopterists which, of course, had to go out for drinks and photograph themselves at Rue Linné. From left to right:Lech Karpiński, Marcin Jan Kaminski, myself and in the lower row, Ryan Lumen.

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