Puerto Rico – Fieldwork searching for paedomorphic beetles, their larvae and females – June, 2022

El Yunque National Forest, El Verde Field Station. We spent three weeks collecting and setting up traps in various parts of the island, hunting paedomorphic beetles and their semaphoronts.
Mt. Britton tower. From left to right: J. P. Kole (Montana State University), Lucas Geisler, Caroline Amalie Høegh-Guldberg and Vinicius Ferreira (University of Copenhagen).
Bosque Estatal Toro Negro.
The famous coqui. Endemic to Puerto Rico, these little frogs provide the theme sounds for the island and several species can be found throughout the island.
Playa Escondida, Fajardo.
A very dry forest in Ponce. Quite different environment from what most people would think of PR.

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